Eldorado Brazil is investing in the adoption of high-definition cameras

10 Dec, 2016Working on Fire

Eldorado Brazil is investing in the adoption of high-definition cameras to monitor for fires in the areas where it has Eucalyptus forests in Mato Grosso do Sul. To date, the work was done by employees in eight towers, 45 meters high.

With the adoption of camera system, monitoring of the company’s farms shall be made 24 hours a day, through a monitoring center in three shifts, with the support of a property security team, which makes ground based circuits in all forests.

“Assertive monitoring is one of the most important stages of the chain of control and fire prevention. The technology promotes early detection of fires, reducing the economic impact that an accident like this can cause in our operations,” said Germano Vieira, Forestry Director of Eldorado. “In addition, we guarantee a lower exposure of workers to risks related to working at height and the weather” he adds.

The pulp mill is the first in Brazil to acquire the Working on Fire detection system, a South African company specializing in prevention and fire-fighting, with 30 years of experience in integrated management of fire and international recognition. The software is able to detect the presence of initial outbreaks of fire in the images and sends an alert to be verified. At this time, the monitoring staff  can control the camera with a joystick, making sure it is a fire source and then taking the necessary steps for the control of the fire.

The system is under implementation, with completion scheduled for the end of this month. With the planting of new forests – an area that is expected to reach 350,000 hectares in a few years – Eldorado will expand their coverage, with the installation of other devices.



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